Non-slip timing belt The grooved design in the Tumble-Bee’s timing belt prevents it from slipping off the pulleys, keeping your rock tumbler tumbling smoothly. It’s also made of strong polyurethane with embedded polyester fibers to reinforce the belt’s shape and to prevent the belt from splitting. Tumble-Bee is the only rock tumbler available on the market with this advanced feature.

Thermal overload protector Installed in every Tumble-Bee rock tumber, the thermal overload protector automatically shuts off the motor if it overheats, protecting you and your rock tumbler.

On/off power switch The lighted power switch easily indicates if the Tumble-Bee is on or off, preventing you plugging/unplugging before and after use. While this might seem like a no-brainer, many tumbler manufactures skimp on this simple feature.

Shielded moving parts The motor and pulleys are shielded with a motor cover for your safety.

Rust-proof housing The Tumble-Bee is made of a hard, composite plastic to prevent rusting and to eliminate sharp, metal edges.

Attractive design Not only is the Tumble-Bee a technologically advanced rock tumbler compared to other rock tumbler brands, but it’s also the best looking rock tumbler available on the market (sorry if we sound biased, but it’s true)!